Terms of Service

Our quality commitment: If you notify us in writing that you are not satisfied with our Services within 7 days of our date of Service, we will return to inspect and, if reasonably necessary, remedy the issue. Please observe that notice more than 7 days after our date of Service or not covered by warranty will be subject to a $125 minimum inspection charge. All Services are provided pursuant to the contract terms. Squeaky Clean is dedicated to providing the highest level of service. We appreciate the opportunity to service your property and keep it looking Squeaky Clean!

Service Provider: The Services are provided by SWC Incorporated, a California corporation dba Squeaky Clean and dba Pioneer Cleaning (“Squeaky Clean”, “we”, or “our”). The Customer listed on page 1 is referred to herein as “Customer”, “you”, or “your”. 

Insurance: We carry all insurance required by the state of California including workers compensation, auto insurance, and general liability. It is Customer’s responsibility to maintain adequate insurance coverage for Customer’s property.

Payment: Payment is generally due at or before the Services are provided. If the Services are not paid for in advance, Squeaky Clean will bill you for the Services, with payment due immediately when the invoice is provided based on the date or timestamp of our bill (the “Due Date”). Unpaid amounts will accrue interest beginning 7 calendar days after the Due Date at a rate of 1.5% per month, compounded monthly. We may stop work anytime payment is past due.

Extra Work: If we provide you with any work outside the scope of Services contemplated by this contract (“Extra Work”), such Extra Work provided is subject to the terms of this contract. 

Guarantee: We provide a 30-day guarantee for screen repair/replacement and for Gutter Guard installation labor. For all other labor, the Services are provided in a good faith and our quality commitment is our sole and express guarantee, and the labor is provided as is and with no guarantee of any specific result. We cannot and do not guarantee that long-standing stains will be completely removed or significantly improved. Similarly, we do not guarantee 100% pet stain or odor removal. Additionally, we do not guarantee that no debris will remain after glass cleaning if you request that we do not use industry standard razor blades, 0000 steel wool, and scrapers. We disclaim any and all other warranties, express or implied, except as expressly provided elsewhere herein. All warranties and guarantees are non-transferable, and any guarantee or warranty timeline starts on the date of Service.

Screen Repair/Replacement Warranty: The screen material, frame, corners, tabs, wheels, and any parts we repair/replace have a 1-year warranty. Any applicable warranty or guarantee is voided if the customer removes the screen or a pet/animal damage the screen.

Gutter Guard Warranty: Gutterstuff Pro provides a 15-year manufacturer warranty which warrants that the Gutter Guard is free from manufacturing defects in material and workmanship at the time of installation and that the Gutter Guard will not deteriorate under ordinary wear and tear. We will file the warranty on your behalf. This warranty does not cover our labor costs to remove and reinstall the Gutter Guard.

Damages are Possible: Customer accepts the following risks associated with the Services:

Risks for carpets, blinds, and tiles: Shrinkage or stretching; fugitive or migrating dyes; materials that bleed; bleach spots, sun or other forms of fading; cellulosic browning; texture change; ripped or torn materials; permanent discoloration or stains; detergent or spotter damage or residue; odor changes (including worsening odor problems post-treatment); and reactions to the cleaning agents. Regarding delicate materials, specific cleaning methods may be recommended by manufacturing cleaning codes or industry practice, but if such methods do not produce the desired results and if directed by you to try another cleaning method, you accept the risk of using non-approved methods for cleaning knowing that such methods may permanently damage delicate items. Regarding hot extraction cleaning, you understand and agree that while this can provide excellent cleaning results, it may worsen odor problems, stains, or fabric quality, and may also cause permanent damage. Regarding baseboards, a risk exists of water running under the baseboard or the baseboard absorbing water during floor cleaning.

Risks for dryer vents and air ducts: During cleaning air ducts may become detached from the vent resulting in tearing to the vent or exposing a preexisting hole. Squeaky Clean will attempt to reattach the duct vent and secure it with ducting tape, however due to the age and previous wear and tear of the ducting, we may not be able to successfully reattach the duct or cover any tears or holes in the ducting. Damage to the paint, drywall, stucco, or flooring may occur when the registers are removed to access the duct.

Risks for pet stains: Pet odor can become worse after cleaning, and there is a risk of color loss or permanent discoloration.

Risks for window and screen cleaning: Using razor blades, 0000 steel wool and scrapers for glass cleaning are industry standard and scratches may appear on tempered, Low E, heat strengthened, or any glass surface due to, among other things, increased visibility after cleaning, scratches existing pre-cleaning, or pre-cleaning debris on the glass. Window cleaning includes the removal and cleaning of window screens which may result in or expose existing damage to the corners, tabs, springs, wheels, or frame and is extra cost to repair.

Risks for power washing: Due to the wide array of building products, age, weathering, and other factors of surfaces being cleaned, it is impossible to foresee the potential results from the power washing process and, among other risks, surface color, texture, and appearances may change, water penetration of materials may occur, and materials may be damaged or destroyed.

YOU ACCEPT AND AGREE THAT THE SERVICES CARRY RISKS OF PERMANENT DAMAGE, SOME OF WHICH ARE OUTLINED ABOVE, YOU ARE PROCEEDING WITH THE SERVICE AFTER UNDERSTANDING AND ACCEPTING THESE RISKS, AND YOU RELEASE US FROM ALL LIABILITY FOR DAMAGE THAT MAY RESULT FROM SAID RISKS. Waiver: Customer waives all claims for any consequential, indirect, punitive, and/or exemplary damages that may arise out of or relate to the Services, including, but not limited to, loss of income, profit, or financing. To the fullest extent permitted by law, our total aggregate liability resulting from or in any way related to the Services from any cause or causes, including, but not limited to, the negligence, professional errors or omissions, strict liability, breach of contract, or warranty, expressed or implied, shall not exceed your payment to us for the Services over the 3 months prior to your claim. No Liability: You hold Squeaky Clean and its employees and agents harmless from any accident, damage, or liability which occurs at your address before, during or after the Service that is not directly caused by our grossly negligent or willful misconduct. Sole Agreement / Electronic Signatures: This contract is the sole and entire agreement between the parties. Any modification of this contract must be in writing signed by both Squeaky Clean and Customer. This agreement may be executed electronically via DocuSign® or other similar online and/or electronic signatures, which shall be given the same legal effect as if an original.

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