Gutter Protection Systems

Squeaky Clean’s gutter protection systems help protect and prevent future damage to your gutters by offering the following:

  • Gutter Guards fit completely inside all makes and models of gutters and are invisible from below.
  • Prevent mosquitoes from breeding in the gutter. Seal out leaves while allowing large volumes of water to flow through quickly.
  • They are suitable as coarse pre-filter for rainwater catchment and rainwater harvesting.
  • Custom made from polyether outdoor durable foam, an innovative and affordable protection; No other gutter cover, guard or screen system works as effectively to keep debris out of the gutter.
  • The surface coating on our original and FR models and the full coating on the PRO and PRO FR models provide germicide and UV protection and increase durability.
  • The surface coating on the FR model and the full coating on the PRO FR models add fire resistance for 15 years, performance warranty included.

We are not offering any specials at this time. Please check back again soon